Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Punishment Option

Today, after a training spanking (yes...I am STILL in training), I was standing in the corner. I heard my HoH unwrapping something - I could hear the plastic being torn and moved. I thought he had a bag of candy (ah, yeah, right!). I guessed that he was just trying to tempt me to look away from the corner (had I done so, I would have been spanked for disobedience). Oh, how wrong I was!

Instead, he was unwrapping the butt plug set. When he told me I could get out of the corner, there was a plug just waiting for me. He gave me some specific instructions and told me to go take a shower and then come back for the plug. It was a mighty long shower...

When I came back into the bedroom, he inserted it with a few twists and sent me on my way. I was expected to wear it until I arrived home this evening.

About halfway through my commute (the plug had been in for about 90 minutes by then), I started to cramp a bit and it began to hurt. I called him and he said that the length of time had been a guess on his part so he was ok with me removing it when I got to the office. About ten minutes later, it really hurt so I called him again. I explained that I wasn't going right to the office and asked if I could remove it before my first appointment. I even said, "I will happily take a hard spanking in exchange." He agreed I could stop and take it out.

When I did get to a restroom, I discovered a huge Vaseline stain on my panties and pants! Luckily, my coat covered it up.

I called him again and explained my discovery. When he first answered, i could tell he was growing tired of my calls. Once he heard the story, though, he sympathized and approved a quick shopping trip (I am not allowed to buy without permission). Well....that's one way to get to go shopping, I guess!

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