Friday, March 4, 2011

Maintenance and an end in sight for the training period

I'm plugged again today after a maintenance spanking, but this time with the small plug.   It isn't hurting like the medium one started to.  Given the leaking lube adventure of the other day, I am diapered along with my plug today.   I feel so obvious even though I truly doubt anyone can tell.

I will finish my training period on Wednesday assuming I don't get a punishment between now and then.  I'm worried things will begin to disintegrate when we aren't doing daily spankings.  I worry both about my attitude, which I hope He will continue to keep tightly under supervision, and that My Love will begin to get lackadaisical about DD.  My Love is growing more and more into his role as HoH, and I hope he remains strict and firm.   I'm afraid everything will fall apart - I enjoy my submissiveness but also struggle with it.  I crave it, yet sometimes fight against it.  


  1. Glad your training is finally almost over! So how did you end up with the diapers? The last we knew, your HoH wasn't particularly fond of the idea.

  2. Given the lube leakage the other day, it seemed advisable. He still had me put them on myself and is still not into it.