Thursday, August 18, 2011

I couldnt even afford groceries for the month it was time to start a new chapter at first I thought this was a joke. this put me in the lap of luxury I wouldnt waste your time
You will thank me!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be careful what you share with your HoH!

This morning started out fantastically - I weighed in and lost 1.2 pounds! Later, my hubby and I were talking and I mentioned yesterday's post I wrote up on a board I'm on regarding not experiencing a lingering reminder anymore from my spankings. We talked about it for a bit and we also talked about how he might be using the crop incorrectly (the flap on the end usually hits on my side rather than being the point of impact on my bottom). Then, my hubby put me in the corner and went downstairs. I stood there and waited obediently, a bit concerned about what might be coming.

When he came back upstairs, he had a garden stake in his hand...about the size of the cane but less flexible. I think it might be metal covered in a hard plastic - I'm not actually sure. I was told to get in position over the ottoman, and then he proceeded to wail on my bottom with the stake, the plank, and the crop pretty much nonstop for about ten minutes. And, yes, the new way of using the crop is even more ouchie (Lord knows I didn't think that was possible)! He was also much stricter about me staying in position, and lectured me throughout the whole experience. It's pretty amazing how far HE has come in his training into the role of HoH. Yikes.

It's been about five hours and my bottom is still REALLY tender. I am still feeling close to tears, pretty humble, and more surrendered. He most certainly provided a memorable spanking today, and it was only a training spanking! He said my next punishment will be more severe and memorable. I'm going to do everything I can to avoid earning a punishment for sure!

As far as training goes, tomorrow is my LAST day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why am I craving a spanking today?

This last week, I received a spanking every single day (Monday-Friday). They were all either training or maintenance spankings. My HoH has most certainly upped the ante on the severity of training sessions, and many of the spankings had me near tears.

So today's question is....why in the world am I craving a spanking? I dreamt about it last night and I can't get the thought of a spanking out of my mind today. To answer the obvious question: no, I have not done anything to earn one except for two really, really minor rule violations this morning.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Maintenance and an end in sight for the training period

I'm plugged again today after a maintenance spanking, but this time with the small plug.   It isn't hurting like the medium one started to.  Given the leaking lube adventure of the other day, I am diapered along with my plug today.   I feel so obvious even though I truly doubt anyone can tell.

I will finish my training period on Wednesday assuming I don't get a punishment between now and then.  I'm worried things will begin to disintegrate when we aren't doing daily spankings.  I worry both about my attitude, which I hope He will continue to keep tightly under supervision, and that My Love will begin to get lackadaisical about DD.  My Love is growing more and more into his role as HoH, and I hope he remains strict and firm.   I'm afraid everything will fall apart - I enjoy my submissiveness but also struggle with it.  I crave it, yet sometimes fight against it.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A New Punishment Option

Today, after a training spanking (yes...I am STILL in training), I was standing in the corner. I heard my HoH unwrapping something - I could hear the plastic being torn and moved. I thought he had a bag of candy (ah, yeah, right!). I guessed that he was just trying to tempt me to look away from the corner (had I done so, I would have been spanked for disobedience). Oh, how wrong I was!

Instead, he was unwrapping the butt plug set. When he told me I could get out of the corner, there was a plug just waiting for me. He gave me some specific instructions and told me to go take a shower and then come back for the plug. It was a mighty long shower...

When I came back into the bedroom, he inserted it with a few twists and sent me on my way. I was expected to wear it until I arrived home this evening.

About halfway through my commute (the plug had been in for about 90 minutes by then), I started to cramp a bit and it began to hurt. I called him and he said that the length of time had been a guess on his part so he was ok with me removing it when I got to the office. About ten minutes later, it really hurt so I called him again. I explained that I wasn't going right to the office and asked if I could remove it before my first appointment. I even said, "I will happily take a hard spanking in exchange." He agreed I could stop and take it out.

When I did get to a restroom, I discovered a huge Vaseline stain on my panties and pants! Luckily, my coat covered it up.

I called him again and explained my discovery. When he first answered, i could tell he was growing tired of my calls. Once he heard the story, though, he sympathized and approved a quick shopping trip (I am not allowed to buy without permission). Well....that's one way to get to go shopping, I guess!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A caning and the crop

Monday was a back-to-the-routine day. This having to take days off just doesn't work for us, and Monday was just plain rotten, awkward, and hostile. Yuck.

There were a few times during the week last week that I probably got a little too sassy. Then there was Friday morning when He woke me up and requested I service him so to speak. I obliged while being pretty ticked internally. Friday was the first day I had been able to sleep in since the previous Saturday and, man, I love my sleep! Then after a few minutes, he told me to climb on top of him. I threw a bit of a fit and exclaimed, "Come on! Really?!". He replied, "Yes, really." And I said, "I don't think so. I haven't been able to sleep in for a week, it's 6 am and I have to get up early tomorrow. This is unreasonable." He asked me to roll over and we spooned instead, but I knew he was angry with me even though he didn't really say anything at the time. And I was pretty damn furious that I had been woken up. I had been in a work seminar all week, and the entire week had been incredibly emotionally and physically exhausting and intense. I was spent.

So, anyway, back to Monday...

He sent me upstairs Monday morning and I knew we were resuming DD and that I was going to be spanked. He had me go over his knee and it became obvious pretty quickly that it wasn't going well. I was a little....ummm....surly. I had real issues with the punishment he was planning and beginning to carry out and I was so angry. It seemed so unfair. I did not protest physically, though, and whenever he asked me a question, I dutifully answered but was clear that I thought it was unfair and/or that I felt like we should talk about it before the punishment happened. He finally decided we could talk about it but made me state my case while over his knee! That just ticked me off more.

After about ten minutes, we had a pretty good conversation and things relaxed. He saw my point and understood when I expressed that we had agreed to take last week off but then it seemed like some parts of our arrangement hadn't been put on hiatus. I was so befuddled. I had also asked him three times last week if we could clarify his expectations for the week, but we never had the conversation. I really was not trying to get out of a punishment - this was about being held to unclear standards. We finally talked everything out, but he expressed some exasperation and said, "I'm not sure I will ever do this lifestyle right." He was frustrated too - with himself, with me, with my behavior, but mostly with how we had messed up the week and the morning.

After a pretty tame training spanking, I eventually asked for the crop (my absolute least favorite implement!) because I felt like we both needed to give a little and that he had been a bit too willing to give in. It made a big difference especially for him and his mindset, I think. It hurt like hell.

This morning, I weighed in and I had lost a full pound. We were back to confusion - should I have lost two pounds since I hadn't weighed in last week or did weight loss not figure in last week either? He expressed that he really didn't know what to do. I asked if I could make a suggestion. He said that was fine. I suggested fifteen swats with the cane, which was half as many as I would have received if weight loss had been expected last week. He thought that was reasonable. I went over the ottoman and he swung the cane HARD! It was very adequate punishment. But near the end, the brand new cane split in two! It was the first time we had even used it. He finished off with it anyway and then I was expected to get ready for work.

My back end is pretty dang sore today!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whew! What a week!

This week has been busy, busy, busy. Add to that a sick kid and my own body fighting off the bug and the blog has gone by the wayside.

Monday brought more than a training spanking...I was punished for forgetting my meds on Sunday and for almost crossing the line during a tricky conversation with a coworker. I asked to be given a reminder spanking for the conversation because I came so close and had another meeting on Monday with the same person. To really drive the point home, I was told to soap my mouth during my shower, too.

Tuesday, one of the kids was home from school, so I lucked out and didn't weigh in or get spanked, When Wednesday came, I weighed in and had no weight loss for the week. That, of course, meant 25 hard swats along with a warm up. My Love told me that if i do not make weight next Tuesday, he will decide what i do and do not eat for the following week That combined with the rest of his words made the experience one of the most effective spankings and lectures I have ever had.

Then Thursday, I had the best training spanking ever - complete with an effective lecture. By 5pm, though, I was in bed battling a bug. I still felt crummy on Friday and so we skipped maintenance.

Next Friday, I have a laser appointment so we are not doing spankings all week. I'm a little worried how that will play out. He has promised alternative punishments and had me order a set of butt plugs last week (that haven't arrived yet!). Should be an interesting week...